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Welcome to English Language Arts! I'm excited to work with you all this school year. The theme of this class is "Put In Work". This class is NOT easy and I will not pretend that it is. You WILL, however, be very successful if you Put In Work! 

Put In Work???

You are expected to be in class and on time every day! If for some reason you come to class late, you are required to obtain a pass from the office in order to enter. If you do NOT have a pass from the office and you are tardy, you will will be marked absent. You will receive a 0 for class participation for the day. Your quizzes will NOT be graded. Please be on time.


You are expected to be respectful to your peers, your teacher and most importantly, yourself. Please refrain from using foul language (cursing). Do not tease each other or call each other names. Do not disrespect each other. Together, we are a team. We must behave as a unit. 


You are not allowed to have phones in the classroom UNLESS we are doing an assignment that requires the use of one. If everyone does NOT have a cell phone, the laptops will be the only thing used.


You are expected to be prepared with all materials in class. Review the syllabus for more details on what is required.


There are many ways to EARN extra credit!

 I want you to be successful and I want you to make an A in this class! I want you to be able to take a test and KNOW what's on it! I will work with you to help with extra credit assignments, test re-takes, etc. laugh


All Set?


I hope you all are ready to put in work! Be sure to visit the website everyday before class! Some days may be more difficult than others and that is fine. We will get through this together.

Have Fun!

Mrs. McMillian 'Mrs. Mac' heart